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Muffin Love

Muffins and coffee are whats working for me right now. Be it morning or afternoon, I’m really enjoying the combo. As we wind down things here preparing for our move, I find that the stress gets worse every week. Which for me, means migraines. But having a cup of coffee with something sweet in the afternoon helps. A LOT.

(That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)


Eat some muffins.

And think of me.

I’m better now!

No IV was needed. How horrible of me to scare you all about a trip to the hospital and the blog nothing for a few days. Sorry about that. This week has been a bear.
We did take Fripits to the hospital. She wasn’t eating and had been very lethargic for days. She kept complaining of being sick and finally we decided to take her to the doctor.
She, the doctor, listened to her heartbeat.
She took her temperature.
She looked at her throat, tummy, eyes, and ears.
As she was folding up her stethascope, Elena looks at me with a grin as wide as Texas.
“I’m better now!”
And she was.
Her energy is back to normal, she is eating again, and all is well.
I however feel stupid.
All she wanted was a trip to the doctor and her supposed illness dissapeared just like that.
This ever happen to anyone else?

Oh dear.

Oh My.

What a week.

Two sick children, one still sick, and we have to take her to the doctors today, where I’m guessing she will need an IV.

I’ll be back to blogging land soon…

Trees, sunlight, and hands.

He changes diapers.
He makes me coffee.
He understands how I feel about afternoons.
He does the grocery shopping every week.
He loves to buy me things.
He does goofy poses with me no matter who is watching.
I’m so lucky.
I hope you get to spend this weekend with someone you love and LIKE.

My Pizza Dough Recipe

I love this recipe…it’s easy and versatile. I can make it a day in advance, or thirty minutes before we eat. I can double or triple it no problem. It makes thick crust, or thin. Bread machine or by hand. I really like it, and the final result is always slightly different, but always very good.
Pizza Dough
2 tsp. dry yeast
1 cup of warm water
1 tsp of sugar
3 cups of flour
1/2 tsp. of salt
2 Tbsp. of oil
Mix togther. Let raise 30 minutes.
And it’s that easy.

A list

things I like:

Laundry on the line
The way Abbie says no
People eating my food and enjoying it
The red tablecloth on my kitchen table

things I don’t like:

Parties where you have to buy stuff (Tuperware etc.)
Filling the car up with gas (so boring)
Coca Cola or any drink with bubbles.
Blogs with music that blare the second you open the page. (Makes me jump.)

Image:: Mine
Texture:: Adrisbow

Pajama Picnic

You will need:
1. A good dose of bedhead
2. A simple breakfast
3. A cute guy with two cups of steaming coffee.
The perfect start to any day.

Family Puzzles

The girls and I made family puzzles. We printed pictures of loved ones, and then cut it into four simple pieces.

King Fripits loves this.

So easy and so sweet.

A great way for them to recognize faces they may not see often.

Missionary Smile!

My brother used to always tell us “Put on your missionary smiles!” as we pulled up to a church while on furlough.

(Easier said then done when you’ve been stuffed into a car with all your closest family members for most of the day, and every smells like potatoe chips and beef jerky.)

(Road food. Gross.)

Anyway… recently several churches have asked for an updated family picture. So we put on our missionary smiles and snapped one.

Don’t we look so sweet?

And then, we took this one, which I like better.

Its definitly a better potrayal of our personalities.
(Plus, I look thinner in this one.)

Terrifying Experience.

Just recently I decided that I was feeling brave.

Very brave.

So, I let my girls loose with…(drumroll) GLITTER.

And it was everywhere. Shiny, sticky and everywhere. In hair, eyes, elbows, ears, nose and fingers.

But they did have fun.

And I did survive.
But just barely.

I don’t think I will ever buy glitter again.
We’re sticking with crayons.

(A quick answer to all your questions: yes, we leave for furlough in 8 weeks. Let the packing begin!)