Monthly Archives: June 2012

I have funny friends

One of the many things I love about our traveling lifestyle is the people I meet, and I especially love hearing their stories. For example, just yesterday my American friend living here in Paraguay told me about when she was a little girl playing with her sister at home. The parents were gone, her brother was babysitting. She heard the TV turn on and peeked downstairs. There was a strange man sitting on the sofa watching TV! She asked her sister to double check…yup, it was a man that neither of them recognized. How to tell their brother? They army-crawled their way down the stairs, behind the sofa (where Strange Man was sitting) and slid in on their bellies to the room where their brother was. After letting him know about Stranger Man, big brother (who was only 12 or so!) “shooed” the man out with his hockey stick! The way my friend described it was like a the way a cowboy would use a cattle prod to move some cows. He pushed the guy out the front door with the hockey stick and then they all want back to their previous activities. When their mother came home she was quite upset and insisted on calling the police. Long story short, Strange Man had been creeping into homes for weeks whenever he felt tired and wanted to watch some TV!

And to think this all took place in Small Town, Iowa!


Yesterday I learned something life changing! If you have an oil or grease spot on some clothing place one paper napkin underneath the stain, and one paper napkin over the stain and then iron. The napkins absorb the oil and it’s gone! AMAZING!! Needless to say, I’m very thankful to my Paraguayan friend for showing me this trick. And it worked on old stain…a shirt that had gone through the dryer and everything. Can you tell how excited I am??

I also found Washing Soda (known as Carbonato de Sodio here) and my homemade laundry soap has gotten even better. Things are looking very good on the cleaning front.

I”m also happy to report that the Epicurious app for iPad has renewed my cooking spark. While browsing through it today I found a recipe for Iranian Potato Tadig and I think I have to add it our menu. I guess one could say that things are looking very good on the cooking front as well.

Any new tip or trick you’d like to share with me? Do tell!

(And Happy June to you!)