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A new coffee shop opened up in the mall, and since Brian and I are both addicted to coffee we decided to try it out. The fact that it’s cute attracted me too.

coffee shop 5

Coffee shop 4 Think Paris…black and white fabric, curtains, wallpaper, everything.

Coffee shop 1

Certainly fun for taking pictures.


…the coffee?

Tasted. Like. Feet.

Lukewarm feet.

So gross.

At least it looks nice.

Cold Weather

fire, originally uploaded by paraguay4christ.

*It’s been chilly around here, and it’s great. We’re loving every second.

* We have a layover in Lima, Peru on our long trip. I recently discovered there is a dunkin donuts there. This thrilled us so much, we almost shed tears of joy. I’ll have a small latte with cream and sugar, and half a dozen assorted donuts. Please. (Uh..wait, make that a large latte. It’s going to be a long trip. Gracias.)

* My feet are cold as I type this.

* I want to go to the beach. Ocean. Shore. Whatever.

* Really glad my sister is making the trip with us. Extra help with the kiddos.

* That’s all for today.


Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Is there a better combo in this life?

I don’t think so.

(I was going to give you the recipe for the peanut butter cupcakes, but I have packed the cookbook the recipe was in.)

(So sorry.)

People I think you should meet (part 5)

I give you my Uncle Agustin. Originally from Queretaro, Mexico he moved to the US after marrying my Aunt Pam. He’s a US citizen and manages a big Olive Garden. He loves soccer, the beach and his family. He doesn’t like Democrats, or Olive Garden food, he’s sick of it.
His Super Power can be summed up in one word. One beautiful, musical, romantic word.
His guacamole, rocks.
In the words of Nacho Libre…”It’s the beeeest.”

Sisterly Love

I seem to be in a bit of blogging slump. So, I give you a picture that’s pretty stinkin’ cute. I will be back when I think of something to blog about it.

Flip Flop Season

Flip Flop Season, originally uploaded by paraguay4christ.

We’ve been busy.

Packing bags, painting toenails, enjoying the rain, eating popcorn, laughing at Daddy, talking about the zoo, dreaming about Old Navy, listening to music, making messes, asking questions, taking pictures, playing with friends, laughing at jokes, watching Bugs Bunny, making cookies, planning trips, reading books, and counting boxes.

What have you been up to lately?

Packing with Sanity (snort)

The packing has begun. I’ve moved internationally, every two to four years, for my whole life. It’s part of who I am. And I still don’t like it. But I’ve accepted it.

I’ve accepted that my house will be a disaster zone for the next few weeks. Embrace the mess.

I’ve accepted that my hair will be in a pony tail almost every day. Love the ponytail.

I’ve accepted that my children will eat an amazing amount of junk food till we leave. Eat the Froot Loops.

Packing 5

Packing 1

I’ve accepted that no matter how inconvenient, most of my friends will stop by on the day before we leave to say goodbye.

I’ve accepted the fact that they will cry and be sad. But I will be too spent to cry with them.

I’ve come to accept the fact that although I think I have enough boxes, I dont.
Packing 6

The most important thing to remember, is that no matter how crazy things get, I MUST NOT SELL OR GIVE AWAY THE CHILDREN.

The grandparents on the other end would never forgive me.

People I think you should meet (part 4)

That’s my cousin, Jared. And his wife Meredith. I’ve never met her, but I’m sure her Super Power is living with him. I’m sure of it. (Just kidding, Jared! You know I love you, man!)

Anyway, Jared is pretty cool. An MK like me, grew up in Venezuela, oldest of 6 kids. He’s ten months younger than me, to the day. He likes cars, computers, and his wife. (Not in that order. I’m pretty sure she comes first.)

He also screams like a girl when he sees a cockroach.
Like a girl. A littl girl. Get that?
Right now he is working his way through Bible College, which brings me to his Super Power.
His job.
He works for a window washing company. Like up high. On scaffoldings. Hanging off of buildings with a squeegee.
That’s definitly a super power in my book.

Raw batter

raw batter 2

We are spoon lickers in this house. Raw batter of all sorts has been eaten here. I like letting them lick the spoons and bowls because it keeps them happy while I finish cleaning up, but then I think, “Oh my goodness! Salmonella!!”

eating raw batter 1

So I hand them HUMONGOUS carrots to eat. It eases my guilt.