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The Party Planning Committee

(Do you like The Office? It’s one of my favorites.)

Just call me Angela from Accounting. Because I am the chairman of the Party Planning Committee.

On April 2nd, my four little girls are the flower girls of my their aunt’s wedding. Their dresses are yellow, and they will look the Disney princes, Belle. This thrills them. Final fitting is in a few days, and then we’re off to buy shoes. Even Baby Kate is supposed to participate in the walking of the aisle, but I’m taking no responsibility over her actions, participation or lack thereof. Should be interesting.


On April 12th one of our sweet young ladies here at Hogar El Camino will be turning 15. Fifteen is a big deal here in Paraguay, as it is in most of South American countries.  Her dress is blue, the theme is butterflies, and she chose finger foods instead of a full meal. The other day she and I went shopping for the fabric for her dress and I think it will lovely and colorful. Much like the girl wearing it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Things to do before the Big Days?

1. Final fittings for all five girls.

2. Hem 20 white tablecloths with a friend from Tennessee who is coming down on a missions trip.

3. Order food, make invitations, take portraits, edit portraits, make a playlist, buy party decorations, schedule decorator, pick up dress, order cake, buy shoes, buy jewelry…

I had better get off the internet.

it’s a toddler life for me

I had plans for what I would accomplish when I got back to Paraguay.  One was to have a weekly Bible study with the teen girls of the home.

That has since been combined with the Bible study Brian teaches for the boys. Topics have become more generalized and sometimes I don’t get to make a snack. The floor is a mess and sticky, and the dining room table is covered in crumbs. Those things were not in my plans.

But they are now.


The Boss says so, that’s why.

So, for weekly Bible study the Boss and I spend it in her room where she cries, falls over and knocks her head on things, and is generally LOUD and TODDLERISH.  We spend Bible study taking great pictures like these:

Meet my Boss…who will soon grow up and be less bossy, but for now, we’re all adapting to meet her demands. 🙂

A wedding, some school, and blue stripes.

Since we arrived back in Paraguay there has been a whirlwind of work and activities.

Exhibit A:  The house parents  decided to renew their wedding vows. Cute!


Elena and her sweet friend, Ara, were the ring bearers.

Exhibit B: There is now an AWANAS program at school every Friday and these three chickadees think postponing homeschool on that day is A-OK.


These three girlies follow me everywhere I go. My patient little helpers, and the fourth is usually being carried on my back.

Exhibit C: The baby turned one and got nothing. Not even a blurb on Facebook. (And the Mother-Of-The-Year Award slips by me again…darn!) She is busy practicing her walking skills, eating markers, perfecting the art of temper tantrum throwing, and waving goodbye.


This baby turned one and learned how to walk! (old photo, from New Hampshire)