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Where is Baby?

Lexi was here:

and here:
and here:
Aha! Here she is doing her daily exercise routine which involves going crazy on the couch.
A sure way to find the baby? Just follow the mess!

More Pen Pals

Dear Mommy,

Since all this packing has begun our days look very different than what they used to. We spend all day in our pajama’s, you forget to brush our hair (and even our teeth!!), we watch Madeline and Olivia the Pig. We hear you mumbling to yourself, “this is only temporary.” but why don’t we make it permanent? We like this!
Your Big Girls
Dear Big Girls,
In your dreams.

Pen Pals

Dear Mommy,

I hate to complain, but…here goes.
Where have you been? It seems lately I spend more time with everyone else but you. I’m being put to bed early and going to Grandma’s a lot and well, I miss my mommy. What’s going on?
Dear Lexi,
I am so sorry. We’re moving and packing and it’s craziness, I agree. I miss you too! We’re almost there, the packing/moving/cleaning it’s almost done, I promise! And then things will get back to normal. I think.
Your Mommy

Interview with Miss Abigail

Favorite color: Purple
What color do you want me to paint your new bedroom? Purple
What is your favorite movie? Strawberry Shortcake
What is your favorite toy? Strawberry Shortcake (she doesn’t have a Strawberry Shortcake toy.)
Who do you love? Mommy and I loved my Barney doll but I don’t have it anymore.

Where is their mother?

Child A: Covered in head to toe with dirtChild B: Dirty feet hanging off of bench while playing with Fisher Price Little People.
Child C: Bored, bored, bored. Playing with Slinkie.

E’s favorite game

“Don’t call me mom, call me Mommy. You’re only 5.”
“Oops. I forgot. Mommy!”
Don’t chase after me, and then don’t tickle me if you catch me. Okay?”
And then she “runs” away very slowly so that I can catch her and tickle her.
Repeat 15 times.

And that’s how you play her favorite game.

7:23 AM

At approximately 7:23 every morning Alexandra Joy enjoys a delicious breakfast.

This morning it was a piece of homemade cinnamon raisin bread and a pile of shredded cheddar-like cheese. (I need to go grocery shopping.)

She has finally learned to hand me the plate when she is done rather than throwing it on the floor. This is wonderful thing. But the ants are sad, they miss the crumbs.

Quick Update

This week we are getting ready to move. Brian is spending most of his days getting the new house ready (not our new house we’re building, but the new rental we’ll be living in while we wait for our house to be built.) So while he is over there I’m here with the girls killing time till I can start packing.
Today’s activities include:
Playing The King’s Speech with the girls

and keeping an eye on Alexandra while she feasts on dirt.

What are your plans today?


Almost every day we have a large pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade. We’re definitely planting a lemon tree in our new yard next year.

The girls like to eat lemons like they’re apples, they suck on that sour juice and don’t even make a face.
How do they do that?