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On getting organized


I always get bit by the organizing bug in Janurary. I want to declutter, throw out, and deep clean just about anything in site!

Here’s a few things helping me keep on track.

Declutter Calendar

What tools are you using to stay, or become, organized?

Packing with Sanity (snort)

The packing has begun. I’ve moved internationally, every two to four years, for my whole life. It’s part of who I am. And I still don’t like it. But I’ve accepted it.

I’ve accepted that my house will be a disaster zone for the next few weeks. Embrace the mess.

I’ve accepted that my hair will be in a pony tail almost every day. Love the ponytail.

I’ve accepted that my children will eat an amazing amount of junk food till we leave. Eat the Froot Loops.

Packing 5

Packing 1

I’ve accepted that no matter how inconvenient, most of my friends will stop by on the day before we leave to say goodbye.

I’ve accepted the fact that they will cry and be sad. But I will be too spent to cry with them.

I’ve come to accept the fact that although I think I have enough boxes, I dont.
Packing 6

The most important thing to remember, is that no matter how crazy things get, I MUST NOT SELL OR GIVE AWAY THE CHILDREN.

The grandparents on the other end would never forgive me.

my corner

I recently carved out a little space for myself in the house. A place where I can leave out my scrapbooking and quilting supplies so that I can get it all done, little by little.

I love the way it looks. All my favorite colors, glass jars, buttons, colored pencils, ribbons, stickers…Yummy.

And my favorite part is probably this simple string I strung across the table, and clipped some of my favorite pictures on it.

I feel much more inspired all ready.

"Set the table" Placemats

We made these placemats in hopes that it would help Elena learn how to set the table. Very easy using these templates, I cut them out with different colored scrapbook paper (cardstock would work too.) Then I glued them on and laminated the whole thing to make them last longer.

It worked! I no longer have to set the table, Elena does it all by herself and we end up with all the right utensils instead of three knifes a piece for a bowl of soup. 🙂

Precious Zip top bags.

I love Ziplocs.
Anyone else out there wash their ziplocs to re-use? I use them till are covered with holes and leaking like crazy.
Then I call my mother-in-law and beg for some more.
It’s just one of those things for me.

Food and Laundry

Some of you asked who cooks and who does laundry if the Mommy is always playing.
Good question! 🙂
I do all of our laundry on Fridays, and I still cook. We only eat one big meal a day (lunch) and eat very light for breakfast and dinner.
Also, my wonderful Husband has made it a priority to work from home as much as possible. His office is here and while he does have to go out often, he is usually at home with us.
I was raised with my dad being around and for many years his dad worked from home too. We saw the richness this brings and felt it important for us. We realize that it is not possible for most families to have Daddy at home, but we thank God that our Daddy can be.
We respect his time and try to leave him alone so he can study and work, but in a pinch (“Honey, I’m elbow deep in raw hamburger and the Fripits needs to go potty!”) he jumps in like Superman and saves the day.

Also, having Daddy around he has seen how difficult it is at times to do those nitty-gritty, deep cleaning or organizing with small children. I’m thankful he doesn’t demand a lot of me and usually reminds me that those things are not important for us in this stage of our life.

He’s awesome.

I’m blessed.


On my desk right now:

  • Duct Tape
  • Video camera
  • Backyardigans coloring book
  • Menu planner
  • A stack of recipes copied down from Racheal Ray magazines
  • A kitchen spatula
  • Journal
  • Guarani/English/Spanish Dictionary
  • Pack of sewing needles
  • Bible
  • Point and shoot camera
  • Commentary on the book of Phillipians
  • Child Training Tips
  • A letter the girls made that needs to be mailed to my brother.
  • A framed picture of my girls
  • Scotch tape
  • Measuring tape.

I think I need to clean it off. Whats on your desk?

Hair basket

I keep a small basket in my kitchen with hairbrushes, bows, and a bottle of detangling spray. I usually do the girls hair in the morning when they are both strapped into their highchairs. It’s much easier, and with slightly less wiggling. Growing up, my mom would gag if she ever saw a hairbrush in the kitchen. She thinks it’s disgusting. Right now, it works for us.

What do you think? Hairbrush in the kitchen…gross…or not?

I keep it in the kitchen for easy access, because as you can see by the picture….doing my girls hair is no easy task.