Monthly Archives: January 2013

Oh, internets…!


I edited this photo because Lexi may or may not have been wearing her birthday suit.

(I think the polka dot dress and crown is much more appropriate for the internets.)

Last night, Brian and I went out on a date. First one in a very loooonggg time. It’s just been really hard to find time, and a place to eat out. So when we saw a new restaurant had opened up we jumped at the chance to try it out. Nice ambience, good service, but the meat and pork were a bit dry. Still, very nice to eat without children. I didn’t even have to cut anyones food!

Our internet has been in and out for weeks. We get internet in five minute spurts…very annoying. Or as Elena would say, “the internet should be ashamed of itself!” Yes, indeed! So, I’m sitting her typing waiting for the connection to come back so that I can upload this post! Wait, there it is! I better jump at the chance! Have a nice day!


All takes place out of doors

ImageIt’s summer time and that means pool time = bath time.