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82 Day Project Continued…

Election campaign posters…everywhere.

Dinner at TGIFridays

The days go on

Christmas garland at the grocery store.


Day 1,985

Fell asleep with chipa in her mouth.

Another Day…still don’t know the number.

Zoe and Emily on the swing.

Day number…who’s keeping track??

They keep me on my toes.

Day 64

Miss Elena eating cereal for Sunday night supper. It’s the only day we allow them to eat any kind of sugary cereal they like. She is ready for bed in this picture wearing my t-shirt and a butterfly headband, which was removed before sleeping.
She is learning Spanish fast and pretending with us like she doesn’t speak a word of it. Sneaky girl.

Day 65 (I think?)

Lexi before getting her ears pierced.
She looks nervous, but it was quick and easy, with lots of screaming.
The big girls couldn’t bear to watch so I walked them around the pharmacy while Brian stayed with Miss Lexi. Then I rescued her when it was all done.
A young man working the cash register, about 18 years old I guess, came back to watch Lexi get her ears pierced, but as soon as she started to cry he left. “I can’t bear to see her cry!” he said. As soon as it was done he went back in to admire her new shiny earrings.
Another act of kindness to my children and I’m reminded again of why I love living in this country so much.

Day 73

Notice, Elena wearing her pj’s and “reading” a book while eating her lunch. That’s how I like to eat my lunch some days too. We all wear pajama’s for naptime, so she was getting ready. There is no sleeping in regular clothes here. (Is it even possible to sleep in regular clothes? How is that comfortable?)

Day 74

Learning Portuguese…or ‘porky-cheese’ as the girls call it.