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It’s a hotel life for me!


I know, I know, I know! I’m feeding my kids junk food…in front of the tv….on the floor…of a hotel room.  I know that you should never, ever let your baby crawl around on the hotel room floor because, hello, EBOLA and GERMS.

We were in the car for 9 hours today. In the past three weeks we have traveled 2600 miles. So, for Pete’s sake, let the baby crawl. I’ll bathe the baby in hand sanitizer later. Or essential oils. Whatever makes you feel better.

That’s all for tonight, it’s time to shut off the lights. This hotel room came with a small bathroom which means Kate’s crib is in the same room with all of us tonight. So no lights, and SHHHH!

(Had I mentioned earlier that baby’s portable crib is usually in the hotel bathroom? No? Oh.)

Peace out!


Hello, Tennessee!

Hiyo Chattanooga! Our adventuring continues in the southern states as we move into Tennessee, visiting churches and friends. We stayed with our good friends Nathan and Marllorys Arce. We grew up together in Venezuela and the last time we saw each other was at my wedding. They were newlyweds and now…now there are 7 kids between us both. Yikes.

We took a day trip to the Tennessee Aquarium and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant with the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen. (Sorry, no pictures. My bad.)


Baby Kate is trying to catch a turtle.


How cool was the Aquarium? It got ten thumbs up!


Abbie – the penguin whisperer.




Uncle Nathan and baby Kate did some bonding by the fish tank.

IMG_0213 IMG_0220

On Sunday we visited Eden Chapel and tell the kind people there about our life and ministry in Paraguay. We’ve been gifted clothes for the children at Hogar El Camino, goodies for our girls and just in time too, because tomorrow we head back to New Hampshire and the new entertainment for the girls on the long journey home is a great gift!