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Happy weekend to you!

How to get a puppy dog kiss.
1. Ask puppy for a kiss.
2. Receive kiss.
3. Laugh. Because puppy kisses are hilarious.

Just a quick note…for now.

Yes, we are alive and kicking! It’s been months since I posted here due to Facebook invading my life, that’s where most of my pictures and updates are. I remembered that there are a few people who don’t use Facebook but do like to read my blog and see the zaney antics of my girls via this blog (I’m talking to you Nana Cantrell!)
Here’s the run down:
Lexi, 22 months old. Her latest adventures include knocking down the Christmas tree, using my makeup brush to clean the toilet bowl, ripping her diaper off and streaking through the house with an amazing amount of toddler-ish energy. She is busy.
Abigail is busy with her usual stuff, saying the funniest things, wearing the coolest clothes, still sucking her thumb to fall asleep, and filling all of her coloring books with her beautiful coloring talent.
Elena is, as usual, practicing her Future Mommy skills. She likes to boss, help and clean. Her favorite word to write is GOD and she can’t wait to start school again. She also tries to sneak and turn the Air Conditioner on whenever we’re not looking.
That’s all for now, and I’ll try to update more but I’ll need to find an extra 30 minutes to plop into our days in order to do so. Anyone have extra minutes laying around they can gift me for Christmas?
I didn’t think so.

Chicken Run!

The other day we had quite the adventure. I’ll let Elena tell you about it in her own words:
“Okay. Once upon a time, there was a chicken right next door and it came into our yard, and Alice was chasing it and I was screaming “Daddy! Daddy! Save the chicken!” And then Daddy stopped Alice, and I picked up the chicken. I was so proud of me! Then I was five years old, but now I’m six. And that was a very funny day. My Daddy was laughing very hard when he was chasing the chicken.”


Abbie’s view on that day:
“I was thinking if that chicken would get dead by Alice. I was sooo worried. I screamed very loud. And laughing too. And I thinkded that I would have to take it back to the man that the chicken belongs to. Because I was scared of the chicken. And that’s it.”


Captain Alice’s view:
“Chicken. Get in my belly.”
The End.


Every day after naps, Lexi gets a snack on the kitchen floor. Her blankie, a plate of fruit and she’s all set.
“All done!”

Then she hangs out with Alice for a bit…
Isn’t life grand?

Cooking with Alice

Tonight I made dinner all by myself. I love cooking with my girls, it’s so sweet when they help me stir, chop veggies, lick the spoon or dump ingredients into a pan. Every now and then it’s nice to cook without them, less concentration required, more quiet in the house, less mess. That was nice.

Of course I wasn’t completely alone. I did have some company. And while I would like to think she was there because she loves me so much, I think she was just hoping to eat stuff off of the floor.


Why would I think that? I mean, it’s not like every time she hears that Lexi is in her highchair Miss Alice goes scooting over to see what’s up.
alicefood copy

They are good friends, those two. I love them both to pieces.
Before I leave you tonight, please, check out Captain Alice’s love handles. Aren’t they the cutest?

Same old same old

Today was big day around here.

We taught Alice how to play futbol.

pimp myspace

She’s very passionate about the sport and shows lots of potential. Ha!

Elena drew a picture of this family and then took a picture of it.
Alexandra got into the puppy’s water dish (again) and I told her not to (again.)
Abbie pretended she was sleeping so that she wouldn’t have to clean up the mess she made. Sneaky.
Just another day in paradise!


Questions I hear every day:
“May I come in please?” – Captain Alice

“Will you color with me, for a long time?” – Elena
“Is this a funny face? Will it make people laugh?” – Abbie
“Is it okay if I never wear clothes again?” – Alexandra (ok, so maybe she doesn’t say it but I know she thinks it.)

Do you like puppies?

I hope I’m not boring you with pictures of my sweet adorable Captain Alice.

Someone is beginning to look a lot like a Bulldog.

I know you are all terribly frightened right now.
She does look ferocious doesn’t she?
It’s important very important that you not show fear.
Captain Alice can sense fear.
When she tilts her head like this I feel like melting. How cute is that?

Captain Alice says, “Sorry folks. No more pictures today! I need to go take a puppy nap.”

Yup. We have a puppy.

Hi. I’m Alice, officially Captain Alice, but that seems rather long for someone so small. I’m an English Bulldog and very cute. I spend my days being potty trained and following Lexi around (she drops food often. I like this.) Mom thinks it’s cute that we both have wrinkles and rolls.
Playing with three little girls makes me tired. That’s when I let Abbie rock me to sleep in the hammock.
I’m tiny now, only 8 weeks, but I’ll get stocky soon.
My latest adventure has been meeting Grandpa’s new puppy, Janus. She’s a Great Dane and she’s huge. I try to ignore her.
Like I said before, I’m Alice…you’ll be hearing from me again.