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Fave Friday

1. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, dinner rolls, sweet potatoe casserole with marshmellow topping, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, strawberry pie, and apple pie.

‘Nuff said.

2. I was able to get the house all decoated for christmas, and it looks great! Especially the mantle!

3. A shopping trip planned for later today. I’m not sure if I will find anything, but just a day out with girlfriends sounds nice to me!

4. Watching a group of kids play with my parent’s Wii. It’s just too much fun to watch people swing at things in the air.

5. A romantic dinner with Brian outside after a long day. He made me Fetuccini Alfredo. Yummy…is pasta a love language??

Fave Five

1. The substitute gym instructor today. He looked, talked, and acted just like Pee Wee Herman. My friend and I laughed till we snorted in the car on the way back home.
2. Making apple pie with my girls, Fripits learned how to cut the apple in half with a butter knife. She felt on top of the world after that accomplishment.
3. Eating the Lazy Taxpayers Bi-Partisan Burger with my family. These are sooooooooo good, and I promise to post the recipe soon.
4. Getting the first kisses from my sweet 16 month old.
5. Organizing my desk. Well, kind of, anyway. It will have to do for now.
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Fave Five

1. Three hours of quiet this morning. Just me and my laptop. Bliss.

2. Great mexican food at Brenda’s house…and lots of laughs…and tres leches cake…and a loud parrot…Fun!

3. Jewelry shopping with my sisters, and a new pink purse for me. Because one can’t have too many pink purses.

4. Finding a lot of new recipes to try from my Paula Deen cookbook.

5. This funny video.

Fave Five

1. We went on a trip to the Chaco…it was dry, and dusty. But clean at the same time. Interesting. The car wouldn’t start a couple of times. I bought bags and bags of both marshmellows and chocolate chips.

2. The girls put smiley face stickers all over my face, and Brian took pictures of it.

3. My neighbor sent over cow stomach soup for me to try. (I didn’t.)

4. Learned a new trick with my camera. Happy about this.

5. Finished hanging up the new curtains my sister made for my kitchen. Very cute.
Thanks Brenda and Betty! I like this.