Monthly Archives: June 2015

Weddings and such

We had a wedding here last night and I was the photographer. Our surroundings are very beautiful out here in the country so I was able to snap some pretty nice shots of the bride and bridal party, but as usual, my favorite shots were the candid ones. Those little moments of “just life” captured forever. The kinds of pictures that help me see how blessed I am that I get to do life with this amazing group of people.


Lucas and Abbie…ready to walk down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl.


Teenagers…they can sometimes drive you crazy…but hey, we love ’em anyway!


Maybe not the most flattering picture, but I do love laughing with this group of ladies. (Laughing at Brian and his awkward photographer pose)


Friends with the husband-to-be at his legal wedding.


Milciades, the groom, is our head of maintenance at Hogar El Camino. Among many other things, he keeps the buildings from falling down around us. Enjoy your honeymoon, Mil, and when you get back can you look at my toilet? It’s leaking again. Ha!


Two siblings here at Hogar El Camino looking all spiffy for the wedding.


Elena, enamored with the bride. What little girl isn’t?

Yeah, I’m kind of in love with my life right now. Happy occasions can do that to a person.