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Yes, she is constantly on the move.
Yes, she loves to take her diapers off and pee in the crib.
Yes, she destroys most things that come in contact with her fingers.
Yes, she knows how to pout.
Yes, she steals toys from her sister.


She is the best snuggler there is.

What else matters when it comes to babies?

(I don’t want to hear any lip about how my “baby” is almost two years old. M’kay?)


Pasta, please!

Brian and I both loooooooooove pasta. Most date nights include some sort of pasta dish. Our most recent concoction was especially drool worthy.

1 small bag of ziti

2 spicy sausages, chopped into bite size pieces

1 small onion, diced

1 green pepper, diced

1 bunch of basil, minced

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 teaspoon of oregano

1 teaspoon of parsley


Freshly ground black pepper

6 ripe roma tomatoes, chopped.

Sautee in large pan the sausage, onion, green pepper, oregano, parsley, garlic, and half of the basil. Cook till onions and peppers are soft and tender. Add chopped tomatoes and cook for about five more minutes. If it gets too thick add a little bit of pasta water.

Serve over hot ziti, garnish with freshly ground parmesan cheese and remaining basil.

{Also, eat it cold the next day for lunch. You won’t be sorry.}

The Lights of Luque

These are the electrical poles in front of my house.

I will miss my house, it’s been a great two years here. The house is open, airy and functional and surrounded by a great neighborhood.

We have a little libreria where I buy most of the girls crafting supplies.

A despensa which never has anything in stock except for local gossip.

A small butcher shop which is very clean.

Our church that we love.

Two famous soccer players, and Oh! How exciting when they are interviewed by the press. The whole block is abuzz!

It has been a great two years for sure.


I’m really looking forward to eating at the Olive Garden.

That helps ease the pain.

Right now

Image:: Via Me.
Texture:: Via Pink Orchard

Right now I’m watching my girls play outside in the hose, they are wetting everything in their sight. But it’s outside, so it’s fine by me.
Elena is eating a whole tomato. Munch, munch. As if it were an apple. She loves tomatoes, it’s one of her things.
Abigail is dropping raisins into a small bowl of water then scooping them out and popping them in her mouth.

I am dreaming about what I can bake with my new bundt pan. Whatever flavor cake I decide on, one thing is for sure…it will be drizzled with chocolate ganach.

All in all, an average day in our house.


{No. My hips are no that wide.}
I’m enjoying the fall weather like you wouldn’t believe. It’s been in the eighties, and I’m in love.
Summer and it’s oppressive 115* days are gone. (Sheesh. Do you think I could be more dramatic?)
We are having more picnics and cook outs. We play outside, roll around in the grass and get bit by all sorts of creepy crawleys.
But we’re not melting.
And it feels sooooo good.
Hope your weekend is beautiful!

Kate and Lauren::Sneak Peek

A friend of mine recently had twin girls and she was very gracious in allowing me to come and photograph them. Soooooo much fun, and so very sweet. They were angels, sleeping, yawning and cooing at the appropriate times.

These are just a few of the pics, but I will be uploading more to my Flickr once I’m through with the editing process.

Warning: If you don’t like baby toes you won’t like the pictures.

(And if you don’t like baby toes what’s wrong with you and why are you reading my blog?)

My Sister

I took this picture of my sister a few days ago. A friend, who happens to be a guy, needed a picture of her for his art class. And she believed him. *cackle, cackle* I think he just likes her, and who wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous.

Anyway, for my family who reads this blog, enjoy the picture.

And to my sister, who doesn’t read this blog {boo} you rock! Thanks for babysitting…all.the.time.

Wordful Wednesday

  • I have a crush on the color yellow. It makes me so happy right now.
  • I love the light in my house in the mornings, it makes me want to take pictures all day.
  • I’m joining Wordful Wednesday in hopes that I can organize my blog a bit more, and share some of my favorite pictures.
  • I realize that most of posts lately have been ‘lists’. Weird, and kind of cool.
  • See you tomorrow!

More Wordful Wednesday at Angies.

my corner

I recently carved out a little space for myself in the house. A place where I can leave out my scrapbooking and quilting supplies so that I can get it all done, little by little.

I love the way it looks. All my favorite colors, glass jars, buttons, colored pencils, ribbons, stickers…Yummy.

And my favorite part is probably this simple string I strung across the table, and clipped some of my favorite pictures on it.

I feel much more inspired all ready.