Missionary Smile!

My brother used to always tell us “Put on your missionary smiles!” as we pulled up to a church while on furlough.

(Easier said then done when you’ve been stuffed into a car with all your closest family members for most of the day, and every smells like potatoe chips and beef jerky.)

(Road food. Gross.)

Anyway… recently several churches have asked for an updated family picture. So we put on our missionary smiles and snapped one.

Don’t we look so sweet?

And then, we took this one, which I like better.

Its definitly a better potrayal of our personalities.
(Plus, I look thinner in this one.)

13 thoughts on “Missionary Smile!

  1. Pilar Stark says:

    Great photo, both of them :)!

  2. Betty says:

    The second one is definitely more fun, but I think for the sake of “normalcy” you should distribute the first… 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    So sweet! Hope all the preparations for your furlough aren’t overwhelming. I am starting to get excited about our time in the U.S. too. Will you guys return to Paraguay for another term?

  4. So cute… and btw, you look skinny in both!!

  5. MaMa Vaughn says:

    Aw…What a cute family! Are you coming our way anytime??

  6. Christine says:

    Jackie…you are a hoot! I think both pictures are awesome! 😉

  7. Kathy says:

    I like both pictures and you look great in both too! Have fun packing and planning your trip!

  8. Brenda says:

    Potato chips and beef jerky. . .warn me before you post something like that, not good for my condition! ;)I like the second foto better too, silly smiles are SO much better than missionary smiles!

  9. R Lennon says:

    Awesome…and I like the second one better too. I was always the MK who never looked at the camera and messed up the family photo. LOL.

  10. Jungle Mom says:

    Ronda, may I present you to Jewel! You two must have much in common!

  11. ~~Deby says:

    love it…the realness….LOLdeby

  12. You guys are all so adorable!

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