it’s a toddler life for me

I had plans for what I would accomplish when I got back to Paraguay.  One was to have a weekly Bible study with the teen girls of the home.

That has since been combined with the Bible study Brian teaches for the boys. Topics have become more generalized and sometimes I don’t get to make a snack. The floor is a mess and sticky, and the dining room table is covered in crumbs. Those things were not in my plans.

But they are now.


The Boss says so, that’s why.

So, for weekly Bible study the Boss and I spend it in her room where she cries, falls over and knocks her head on things, and is generally LOUD and TODDLERISH.  We spend Bible study taking great pictures like these:

Meet my Boss…who will soon grow up and be less bossy, but for now, we’re all adapting to meet her demands. 🙂


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