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Messy girls!

Things I love about this picture.
1. Crocs. My girls each own two pairs of shoes. Flip flops and crocs. That’s it. There’s not a lot of dressing up around here and I feel that we’re still sorting and cleaning lots of shoes as it is.
2. Lexi is covered in water. She’s a big girl and wanted to drink out of a regular cup, which resulted in being soaked.
3. Scabby knees, bruised legs, and dirt smears. Playing outside is so good for them!
4. Color. I love all the colors they are wearing.
Two more weeks till we move into our house!! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this move for two years (oh wait…I have been!) I wonder what I will do with my life once it’s done? 🙂


Every day after naps, Lexi gets a snack on the kitchen floor. Her blankie, a plate of fruit and she’s all set.
“All done!”

Then she hangs out with Alice for a bit…
Isn’t life grand?


Sometimes during church its just me and Lexi in the nursery, so we take pictures of ourselves.

And we eat cookies. Lots of cookies.

Sweet girl, sweet dress, sweet friend.

A friend of mine once brought her darling little girl to church in a sweet little dress. Her little girl is always dressed impeccably and this certain dress had a real vintage feel to it. I oohed and ahhed over it, and told her how cute the dress and her daughter were. Fast forward a few months and my friend gives the dress to Miss Lexi Joy.
Pictures were in order! Lexi Joy will not pose for pictures unless bribed with cookies.
Cookie in hand (and headband removed!) my Dad held her back so that I could get in position. Lexi moves fast!
Here she comes strolling down our fashion runway, also known as my Dad’s garage, wearing the sweet vintage-y dress.
Oh Lexi! Pictures of your are a lot of work (and a lot of cookies!) but so worth it! My sweet little girl in her sweet little dress!
Obrigada amiga por el lindo vestido! 🙂

Eggs, Paper, Paint, Sandwiches

Today is over and it was a good day, but I’m Tired. (Yes, with a capital T!)
Abigail learned how to make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. She was very proud of herself and told me to “tell your computer I can make my own sandwiches.” I think that’s her way of saying “please blog about me and my new skill.”
So there you have it, computer. Abbie can make her own sandwich.
She also made this painting which I really, really like. I think I might frame it for their play room in the new house.
One of the reasons I may be so tired is because I found two weeks worth of eggs smashed on the floor.
(Alice thought they were AWESOME.)
I won’t name which child did this, but here is a picture of a certain someone fleeing the scene.
Dear Lexi,
That’s a lot of eggs,
and they smashed on top of the construction paper
that I bought downtown.
Going downtown is a nightmare for me.
No more ruining construction paper, please!
a Tired (with a capital T) Mommy

Cooking with Alice

Tonight I made dinner all by myself. I love cooking with my girls, it’s so sweet when they help me stir, chop veggies, lick the spoon or dump ingredients into a pan. Every now and then it’s nice to cook without them, less concentration required, more quiet in the house, less mess. That was nice.

Of course I wasn’t completely alone. I did have some company. And while I would like to think she was there because she loves me so much, I think she was just hoping to eat stuff off of the floor.


Why would I think that? I mean, it’s not like every time she hears that Lexi is in her highchair Miss Alice goes scooting over to see what’s up.
alicefood copy

They are good friends, those two. I love them both to pieces.
Before I leave you tonight, please, check out Captain Alice’s love handles. Aren’t they the cutest?

Same old same old

Today was big day around here.

We taught Alice how to play futbol.

pimp myspace

She’s very passionate about the sport and shows lots of potential. Ha!

Elena drew a picture of this family and then took a picture of it.
Alexandra got into the puppy’s water dish (again) and I told her not to (again.)
Abbie pretended she was sleeping so that she wouldn’t have to clean up the mess she made. Sneaky.
Just another day in paradise!


Questions I hear every day:
“May I come in please?” – Captain Alice

“Will you color with me, for a long time?” – Elena
“Is this a funny face? Will it make people laugh?” – Abbie
“Is it okay if I never wear clothes again?” – Alexandra (ok, so maybe she doesn’t say it but I know she thinks it.)

A home for the fairies

I had so much to do inside. Laundry, dishes, cooking, you know…but it was SO PRETTY outside!
So we went outside and Elena made a house for all the pretend fairies that live under this tree.

She was very happy with herself.
Until Lexi came along. Don’t let Lexi fool you. She’s cute and everything….
but when it comes to fairy houses she can be dangerous.

Just counting some of my blessings!

Fresh papaya from our yard

Coffee every morning on the front porch
Friends who love my babies
Resurrection Sunday eggs – He has made all things new!