Wedding Week

My youngest sister, Jayde, got married on March 3rd. It was a destination wedding in the fun city of Encarnacion. I looooove that city now, with it’s clean streets, family fun activities and large riverwalk.

The wedding was held at night, and was Disney themed because what the Bride wants, the Bride gets.  🙂

Katherine was dressed up as a Elsa, from Frozen, on Elsa’s Coronation Day, not on Elsa Sings Let It Go Day. There is a difference.DSC_0180

Lexi was a very sweet, and slightly mischievous, Rapunzel. It works for her.DSC_0176

Elena was Belle (also a book lover) and Abbie was the beautiful Cinderella. They had a blast dressing up as their favorite princesses. DSC_0171

The house we rented for the week happened to have a beauty salon on the first floor. It was so easy to have everyone’s hair and makeup done without leaving the house. You can only imagine how many times the chair with attached sink got used with a house full of  women. DSC_0155Baby Cousin Samantha decided that if the bigger girls can walk, so can she. And so she did. (Her mother reports that Samantha has not stopped walking since.)DSC_0150
No Disney wedding is complete without Minnie Mouse. This isn’t just any old Minnie Mouse, it is THE stuffed Minnie Mouse that was essentially another sister as Jayde never left the house without her during our childhood. DSC_0145

Is there anything happier than seeing drippy swimsuits flung across a railing, or chairs, or stairs in preparation for the next dip in the pool? I don’t think there is. DSC_0100


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