Dentists and Pretzels

Today was Dental Appointment Day.

A day that I have been putting off for about 4.5 years.

It was time.

Thankfully, these girls passed with flying colors. Only two small cavities, on baby teeth, so basically, who cares?  Leave them be, the dentist said. This too shall pass.


Since the dental office is so close to our favorite German grocery store we thought we would reward ourselves with by spending $2.00 on 6 freshly baked pretzels. That’s better than IKEA prices!


We are in the stage of life where going to the grocery store by ourselves is considered a date, and we often do jus that. So, I had the girls take a picture of us, for posterity. (Brian thought that was lame, but went along with it to humor me.)IMG_5684

(For all our Paraguayan readers: this is the new Casa Rica on Molas Lopez, not the one on España! It’s bigger, with better parking! Go check it out!)


One thought on “Dentists and Pretzels

  1. Oh goodie a new Casa Rica! Can´t wait to check that out. Happy kids, happy life. They are growing up so fast!

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