I’m baaack.

A few months ago we were sitting around a friend’s table for dinner and he told he had recently gotten in touch with a friend from his years in high school. This friend of his had left Paraguay and moved to the United States, but had returned for a quick visit. During their time together he mentioned us vaguely, an American family (I’m not sure how the topic even came up) and she said…”Wait…the blogger??? With the little girls? I used to read her blog everyday!”  We laughed a lot at that. Me? A “famous” blogger! But it reminded me of dusty little neglected blog and I remembered how much I used to love it. So, let’s try this yet again, shall we?

The “blogger” is back.

I am not sure how to segue this into a Christmas post, so let’s just jump in, okay?


Tia Jayde and Tio Hugo..the engaged couple to be wed in March!


“Soccer” tournament.


Tiny house, lots of people


The king of pie pastry.


Baby Sam and her Mommy


Abbie and my Mommy


The half-way done Christmas tree


Thank God for an engineer uncle to help Abbie with her solar powered rover!


Kate’s Christmas was Barbie themed.


New dog, lots of cuddles


My Dad and I lived in the kitchen. All others must stay out of our pie-making way.


We had a lovely Christmas where I received mostly Pioneer Woman kitchen items (LOVE.HER.) and we lounged around watching Elf (one of the most quotable movies ever) and not much else.

How was your Christmas?


2 thoughts on “I’m baaack.

  1. Good to see you back. I too just started to blog again. I guess once you start it’s in your blood. 🙂

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