The BSC!


They are addicted.

Years ago, I started reading the Baby-Sitters Club books. Do you remember those? It took me years to collect 90+ books in that series, which were then passed on to my younger sister, Jayde. Thankfully, my mother in her infinite wisdom, kept all the books and gave them back to me.

They have been sitting in an Action Packer for years. The collection has been in the deepest part of the Amazon jungle, the bustling cities of Venezuela, and all over Paraguay. About six weeks ago, during the first week of our blazing hot, hazy summer, Elena cracked one open and we’ve barely seen her since. The collection that took me years of birthdays to gather, has been devoured in six weeks. For all the family members reading this, now you know what to get her for birthdays. Only numbers 100 and up please! I assure you, numbers 1-99 have been read and some more than once.

Abbie is flying through them as well, and talking to them about the different characters in the books makes me feel like I’m chatting with old friends. Yes, Claudia does dress cool. How bizarre that Dawn doesn’t eat meat? And of course, which girl do you think you are most like? (My answer: Mary Anne.)

Happy Reading!


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