Our Monday

These pictures have nothing to do with the post.

Yesterday was a decent Monday (it is possible). We finished homeschool in record time, with good attitudes! Three cheers for the McCobb girls! Kate did not break anything valuable! The washing machine did not overflow into the kitchen! There were ants ALL OVER the just-been-cleaned-spotless kitchen counters, but hey, that’s summer for you, nothing you can do about the ants.

There was an unplanned visit from a public defender regarding the case of one of the girls here at Hogar El Camino, a prayer meeting with the female staff of the home, emails finally answered, free days for house parents scheduled (a good friend told me she would now be able to help more with child-care, and that was a huge relief!).

There were visits from kids. One with a tummy ache, one one needing some new reading material, and just to show you where my brain is at: when he asked for a book, I said, “yes, of course” and then handed him the keys to my car! He is thirteen and would have no doubt gladly hopped in the car for a spin. Haha.

A few came to visit their older brother and drank many cups of coffee accompanied by chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were made for a study group that Carlos was going to have but it was canceled. Oh well, more cookies for us! He was not upset. 🙂

Then, because Carlos said he wanted to learn how to cook, he lit the grill and made his first batch of hamburgers. They were delicious…and dinner was served at 8:30 PM… we eat dinner late around here.

Finally, kitchen was cleaned, children were in bed and Brian and I romantically synched our calendars for the upcoming weeks. True love!

How was your Monday?



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