Menu Monday

Last year was a beast, and we ate way too much processed food and spent way too many hours staring blankly into the fridge wondering what to feed the four small girls and one tall teenage boy.

This year, I’m trying to get back on track in the kitchen. One, because dinner rolls around every. single. day. I may as well be ready for it. Two, I miss cooking. I miss making great food with side-dishes and serving it with love to the people around my table. It’s healthy for all of us physically and for me, emotionally as well.

So here is to 2016! May the meals in it be way better than all the frozen chicken nuggets that were consumed in 2015! (In interest of full disclosure, they are still eaten, but only once a week on our craziest day.)

On the menu this week:

Monday: Hamburgers and french fries (Served those up to Teen Boy two weeks ago and they were a hit. Easy peasy and filling. #winning)

Tuesday: Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Tiki Masala (this is youth group night, henceforth, I dub Wednesday “Slow Cooker Night.”)

Thursday: Beef Burritos (from the freezer) and a Tomato and Onion salad to go on the side.

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Lunch with friends and leftovers for dinner

Sunday: Eat out for lunch

What are you eating this week?



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