Alexandra…and her Shenanigans.


A friend of mine who recently had her first baby called me up asking for some parenting advice.

“I can try to help….but I have to know, why are you calling me, of all people?”

“Because your girls are well behaved, helpers, obedient…”

“What…oh…I almost forgot!  You haven’t met Lexi yet! Because if you had, you would call someone else.”

True story.

We love our Alexandra Joy and all of her shenanigans!

For the record, she is a work in progress (aren’t we all?) and I trust she will turn out just fine because of Jesus and His grace. Not because of anything I’ve done. So, I’ve quit “methods” and “parenting styles” and I’m praying that Jesus will raise her through us.  (And that’s the best parenting advice I can give.)



2 thoughts on “Alexandra…and her Shenanigans.

  1. shilocain says:

    If you changed the name to Samuel, I could have written this post! I think I’m going to start praying for your Lexi and you when I am going through something with him!

  2. Laine says:

    Oh Jackie…I think my Levi and your Lexi are two peas in a pod! He does things my older two I don’t think would have ever dreamed of doing. He is just so, SO different from them. And can be quite ornery, like 24/7! But we love him to death, and like you said, just try to love him to Jesus, because wow, that boy needs Him, haha! So yeah, having Levi has really humbled me and made me realize how much I need the Lord’s help to parent Him correctly.

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