Umbrella Man

image via Geeky Gadgets

A few days ago while sitting in traffic at a stoplight we noticed a kerfuffle going on. Some white car had pulled over and a big, beefy guy was yelling at a short man on the sidewalk who was carrying an umbrella. I rolled down my window to hear what was happening (because, yes, I’m nosy!) but they were too far away. Umbrella Guy kept poking his umbrella in the air, in the general direction of Big Guy…he never actually touched him though.

Then Big Guy got in his car and began to inch forward as the light had finally turned green. Umbrella Guy began to run after the white car and proceeded to give it a big WHACK with his umbrella right as the car was making its right turn.

Even though we don’t know what exactly happened we decided to root for Umbrella Guy and gave him a big round of applause in our car when he whacked the white car with the umbrella.

Who would you root for?

P.S. Waiting at stoplights in Paraguay is super fun. Sometimes there’s a guy who puts on a flame throwing show while we wait for the light to turn green, sometimes you can have someone clean your windshield, and sometimes you can buy things, anything from DVD’s to bouncy balls or a fresh orange.


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