Embrace the camera…even at lunch!

Lunchtime can sometimes be pretty awful around here. I’m usually exhausted, people are hungry, Baby Girl is fussy, and even when the food is oh-so-simple (sandwiches, cheese, crackers) it still feels like such a chore to get it on the table. The last thing I want to do is take pictures, even if someone is actually doing something cute.
I just want a nap. And quiet. And real food that doesn’t involve me eating with my fingers.
But it’s worth it sometimes to set the camera up, tell the big girls to please, please, please just be patient for two more minutes while I snap a photo of me stealing sweet baby kisses.
My mother-in-law, who raised two little boys (18 months apart-yikes!) always says about those days “I only remember the good stuff.”
I will not mind one bit if I forget about the cranky sandwich lunches we’ll be having for the next few years, but I don’t want to forget those good moments.
There always is a little bit of sweet amidst the sour.
So take a picture of it! Even, dare I say, especially during the worst parts of your day. It might make things seem a little bit better.

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