Confession time again.

Here’s the deal:

I don’t like being in a group of just women. I find it awkward and unbalanced. I don’t know what to say, so usually I just don’t say anything. My mom has confessed to being the same way, maybe it’s genetic?
I don’t do “girls night” and often wonder why other women enjoy those kind of events.
I realize I’m the strange one.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be the only woman in a group of men, either. But if I had to choose between the two…I’ll sit by Brian in a room full of men, thanks.
I just think things are more comfortable if there is a mixture of both men and women.
Why am I this way?
Perhaps it’s because my two best friends growing up were the only girls in a family with three brothers, each. Their brothers were always around.
Maybe it’s because I don’t like drama, and women tend to be more dramatic.
After my friends and I got married and would have the occasional get together the men were always there. We wouldn’t think of leaving them out, we need them. It’s more fun when the guys are there…at least, that’s how I feel.
Ladies Night, Ladies Bible Study, Ladies Luncheons, sleepovers, Ladies Night Out…I get invited to these a lot when I’m in the United States, it seems more popular there than it is here in Paraguay.
When invited to one of these Women Only events I usually hem and haw my way out, find a decent excuse, or in some situations just make myself go because I’m told it’s good for me. Society says it is, and sometimes even preachers say it is.
I’ve heard many sermons directed to husbands and almost always is the “make sure your wife has time with her girlfriends” line.
I always turn to Brian and give him the “please don’t” look.
I don’t mind one on one with other women, I enjoy that…but ask me to come to your girls only party and I’ll break out in hives just thinking about it.
Any other women out there like that?

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