Under the weather


All the girls of the house are sick, sick, sick with the sniffles. Fever, headaches, achy joints, runny noses, stuffy noses…you name it, we got it!
My dear sweet aunt Pam sent me this recipe via Facebook (I sure do love Facebook) and I’m pretty sure it will do the trick.
Pam’s Mexican Chicken Soup – A very RUSTIC recipe!

I find the biggest, plump chicken I can find. (I prefer Perdue) I rub that bird

(skin and all) with EVOO then season him inside and out! Boil him with

onion, garlic, 3 0r 4 cubes of chicken boullion, and later add carrots,

potatoes. (Sometimes in place of the potatoes, I add about a cup of rice. It

cooks up well with the other veggies.) When those are almost finished

cooking, I add corn on the cob ( cut into discs), cabbage and cilantro. After

all is cooked, serve piping hot! After served into individual bowls, I then

add more fresh chopped cilantro, squeeze on some lme juice, then add

Oaxaca cheese on top to melt all through it. Serve with a crusty bread (or

add tortilla stips or chips directly into the soup). We like french bread the

best with it. Buttered of course!

(If you can’t find Mexican Oaxaca cheese, then mozzarella is the next best


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