WC Fever...Albirroja!
Paraguay was eliminated yesterday by Spain (a very noble country and team).
You know what I love about South America and their love for futbol? It’s really not just about winning. In the USA so much of sports is about winning and entertainment, and that’s good, it’s the American way… here it’s more about family, loyalty, giving it your all, and less about entertainment. At least that’s how it seems to me…who knows nothing about sports, but loves futbol.
We lost the game but my neighborhood still celebrated. There were still fireworks, still parties and small gatherings of people. The mood of the country is a little sad, but proud.
Oh-so-very-very proud.
Our boys fought well, they fought hard, their defense was incredible, and they will be welcomed back with arms wide open, because in this World Cup they put the small country of Paraguay on the map and showed the world what Paraguay is all about. Honor, bravery, courage, and futbol.
So, to our brave team:”Gracias.”
And in 2014 we’ll be ready!


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