Someone has slept through the nights three times in a row. This makes me very happy, for I can not function without sleep. I feel normal again, and that’s a really nice feeling. I’m hoping she keeps it up.

I find Etsy mesmerizing. I want to buy some cute prints for my girls room and can’t decide between these two shops:


Today our big plans involve making strawberry shortcake for dessert and finishing one load of white laundry.
It’s amazing to me how this most recent pregnancy changed me into someone totally different. Everything I normally love doing I found repulsive or annoying (blogging, photography, coffee…) Perhaps it was a mixture of the pregnancy, being away from home, and not seeing the sun for what seemed like months on end, that left me feeling like an alien to myself. The moment, and I mean the very moment, she was born I felt like ME again.
Has that ever happened to anyone else?


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