What I learned my first term

In seven days our first four year term as overseas missionaries comes to an end. It flew by. Most missionaries don’t make it this far, and even less leave the first term with plans of returning.

We made it and we’re coming back. But only because of God’s grace.

I grew up on the mission field and this helped so much, but I still learned a lot.

1. I’m not one of those women who can balance “ministry” with family. Womens Bible studies, prayer groups, one on one discipleship…all those things will have to wait. I have a family to raise. Maybe in 20 years?

2. Apart from my relationship with God, my marriage is more important than anything else. If that relationship fails, everything else does too.

3. I still hate packing.

4. Saying goodbye doesn’t get easier.

5. Plans change.

6. God is in control.

And probably the biggest thing I learned this term…

7. I don’t know anything.

I still have so much to learn.

7 thoughts on “What I learned my first term

  1. Kathy says:

    You DID learn something: how important your husband and kids are and how important you all are to God! πŸ™‚ This week will FLY by, so enjoy it too! I'm so happy you will soon be able to show your kids a Toys-R-Us! πŸ™‚

  2. ~K~ says:

    I understand and agree! It is always nice to hear of other missionary wives who primarily minister to their families!Where will you be when you come to the USA? It would be nice to meet you since I've met most of the rest of your family (mom, dad, sisters, but not your brother).My God give you all safety while traveling!

  3. Pam says:

    I Love You! See you in a week! (Boy oh, that felt good to type!)

  4. I'm with you on all points! Well said. I was kinda hoping that you were gonna say that the goodbyes do get easier some day! Oh well πŸ™‚ and if you ever find someone who LIKES to pack please tell them to make their life's ministry to pack for missionaries πŸ™‚ Hope you guys have a great furlough. Maybe some day we can get into the same country at the same time again!

  5. Sarah Joy says:

    I love it! I especially relate to #7!

  6. Denise says:

    Thank you for your honesty. I stumbled upon your blog today as I too am evaluating my first four years on the field, and it was a huge encouragement. I need to focus so much more on being a better mom and wife, and not pretend or try to be superwoman. God bless you and your family! Denise in Estonia.

  7. Tereza says:

    #7~ yup I've learnded that too…if not on the mission field but on the mission field of motherhood:)

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