The Attack – Step by Step

The Mission: Devour the toppings off of the pizza and leave only the crust.

First, you look around and make sure no one is watching.

(Ah! But Mommy has eyes in the back of her head! And a zoom lense! *evil laugh*)

Then, you make your move. Stick one chubby, dimpled finger right into the cheesy goodness.

Eat fast! As fast as you can! Make sure you hands, face, and blankie are covered with tomatoe sauce.
(Do this on a day when the washing machine is broken, it will ensure your mother is not bored that day.)

If you need help ask for a preschooler. They have a lot of practice at eating pizza toppings and only pizza toppings.

When you are done, your mother will be left with one sad, slobbery looking crescent shaped crust.

Mission Accomplished! Go take a nap!

2 thoughts on “The Attack – Step by Step

  1. HA! That is too funny. =)

  2. Brenda says:

    Maybe she is on a lowcarb diet 😉

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