Paint…in a different way.

Anyone else sick and tired of finger painting?
Just me?
I would have thought more.
I’m sick and tired of plain ol’ finger painting, and so are my daughters. I also don’t like the mess.
We tried something new, which was to water down some tempera paint in a squirt bottle and let The Fripits squirt the trees with blue paint. We also “painted” a piece white cardstock. The original idea came from Family Fun, but you were supposed to use an old white sheet to squirt on.
This held Fripit’s attention for about five minutes. I think it would have lasted longer if there were more bottles with different colors, and a big white canvas (sheet, towel, etc.)
We will be doing this again as soon as I can get more squirt bottles.

2 thoughts on “Paint…in a different way.

  1. i’m so tired of fingerpainting too! i will be trying this out very soon!! thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    I can see why a little gal would enjoy that! You’re getting good with your photography!Did you see my latest photos at my blog?? huh?? did ya’?

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